A complex topic explained in a simple way

The Basler pension selfie is intended to give customers easy access to the topic of personal pension provision. Based on an entertaining quiz, a personal pension profile is created for the client. This results in tips and recommendations on the individual pension strategy.  

Vorsorge Selfie auf einem Smartphone
  • Successful Lead Generation
  • High user engagement thanks to interaction
  • Lovingly illustrated avatars
Illustration einer Familie

Lead generation thanks to interaction

With the interactive pension selfie, Baloise can easily and effectively raise awareness of the topic of personal pension and manages to spark the curiosity of users with its personal provision profile. The result is a high conversion rate leading to a high number of inquiries for a personal consultation.

Intuitive UI on all devices

Baloise's provision products are aimed in particular at younger customers who consume digital content mainly on mobile devices. We have therefore paid special attention to responsive design and ensured that Basil and his family are shown to their best advantage on all devices and display sizes.  

Screenshot of the provision selfie Website
Die Entwicklung des Charakters
Illustrierte Alltagsgegenstände

Sophisticatedly Illustrated Avatar

The beautifully illustrated avatar named Basil accompanies the user throughout the website and is developing according to the answers chosen by the user. Basil enables interactive storytelling and contributes to an entertaining digital experience.

Moodbilder vom Vorsorge Selfie