Digitisation of the sustainability report 

Our task was to create a digital alternative to the BEKB sustainability report in PDF form parallel to the BEKB sustainability report and thus help the topic to become more attractive and relevant. For this purpose, we created a unique and lively sustainability world that conveys BEKB's messages perfectly.  

  • 22 Sustainability topics
  • Over 30 individual animations
  • Highest performance thanks to Lottie technology

Hüt für morn

The new sustainability platform is intended to challenge us all to take action in a playful, fresh and appealing way. In keeping with the guiding principle of "Do something today for tomorrow", the platform is therefore called "Hüt für morn" and thus simultaneously communicates both the urgency and the commitment of BEKB.

Homescreen animation on Hüt für morn

Effective animations 

An elementary part of the user experience are the numerous animations, which are woven into the website at various locations. On the initial screen we stage a living world in the form of a small town. This way we offer an overview of the multifaceted subject area. We round off the overall experience with fluid page transitions, regardless of whether the page is navigated on a smartphone or on the oversized touch screens in the bank branches.

Homescreen animation on Hüt für morn

2 Click Navigation

We have succeeded in mapping more than 24 themes on an extremely flat architecture, thus drastically reducing complexity. With the fusion of the second navigation layer with the content pages, all content is accessed with just one click from the home screen. Thanks to the colour background of the topic areas, the user is given a subtle orientation aid.

2 click navigation


The digital world of BEKB is responsive from 5.7'' to 60" digital signage screens for meeting rooms and entrance halls. We have optimized fonts, aspect ratios/grids as well as animations for this very wide range of devices and optimized the website especially for use on large touch devices.