An Advanced Solution for Doctors

Insel Gruppe is the largest and leading medical care provider in Switzerland. At its six locations, however, an outdated hospital information system (HIS) continued to be used, which left much to be desired in terms of user-friendliness, performance and functional scope. Gridonic has taken remedial action and developed a modern, web-based report editor for the existing system.  

Der Berichtseditor auf einem Tablet
  • Productivity increase of 20%
  • Over 650,000 patient records
  • Report processing time reduced by 52%

Cost Savings Through Increased Efficiency

The existing solution for handling patient records not only presented a frustrating user experience for hospital staff. It was also a rather costly solution for the operator due to its low productivity caused by slow load times. Gridonic’s new report editor resolves these issues by enabling users to quickly assemble and edit patient records using an intuitive WYSIWYG editor – commenting, change history and spell-check included.

Screenshot des Berichtseditors im Browser
Die Aktionen des Berichtseditors

Convincing User Experience

Key users were involved right from the outset during the conception phase. Thanks to the insights we collected and our expertise in UX design, we developed a report editor tailored exactly to the user’s needs. With the new solution, a uniform workflow for all users was created for the first time, so that cumbersome intermediate steps as well as data inconsistencies are forever a thing of the past.