E-Commerce Solution for Provider of Learning Media

The publisher Verlag SKV creates learning media that conform to the highest didactic and content standards. In order to be able to offer non-fiction and e-books directly on the publisher's website, Verlag SKV tasked us with implementing a comprehensive e-commerce solution.

Verlag SKV auf einem iPad
  • Shop for conventional learning media and e-books
  • More than 100 physical and digital products on offer
  • Expandable e-commerce platform with various interfaces

Conversion Optimization

A clearly designed webshop with an excellent user experience is vital for achieving a good conversion rate. That's why Gridonic implemented an intelligent search function and minimized the number of steps in the checkout process to create the best possible shopping experience.

Webshop des Verlag SkV in einem Browser

Marketing Automation and Newsletter Mailing

In order to keep thousands of customers and interested individuals up to speed on new products and promotions, we have implemented an automated mailing system for Verlag SKV that is able to approach different target groups with content that is relevant to them.

Verlag SKV auf einem iPhone
Verlag SKV auf einem iPhone
Verlag SKV auf einem iPhone

Interfaces Held to Create a Versatile Platform

In order to make product data management as efficient as possible and to ensure that the shop system has access to current master data at all times, we developed an interface to the Verlag SKV's ERP system. Moreover, we integrated a payment portal featuring fraud detection for secure transactions.

Ein Benutzer surft auf der Webseite des Verlag SKV