Ingenious Learning Apps for Kids

For Lehrmittelverlag St. Gallen, we developed Appolino - a series of apps that help children learn to read, write and calculate digitally on their tablets. This enables learning at an individual pace and in a playful way. Kids just love Appolino!

Appolino on an iPad
  • 6 interactive learning apps
  • Developed in collaboration with experts
  • iOS, Android and Windows

Cross-platform Development

In order for the Appolino series to be used by as many children as possible, we implemented the apps for iOS, Android and Windows. By initially abstracting the entire game logic, we were able to use it for all platforms and thereby significantly optimize the development phase.

Screenshot of Appolino

Designed and Developed in Collaboration with Experts

In order to guarantee the highest possible pedagogical benefit, we developed Appolino learning apps in close collaboration with the LerNetz AG and an interdisciplinary team of experts consisting of specialists in teaching methodology and media didactics as well as teachers. As a result, six apps were created that are perfectly tailored to the needs of the children.

Appolino on an iPad
Appolino on an iPad


Designing a compelling user experience for children is a special challenge. Only if using the app is intuitive and motivating, can the educational content be conveyed sustainably. This is why we developed a colorful, lively and clearly structured learning environment that makes learning fun as well as effective.

Mood picture for Appolino