Unique Digital Brand Experience

Whether it's cooking or baking, the use of Electrolux kitchen appliances is a special experience. With the relaunch of the Taste Gallery platform, this experience also translates to the web. We were able to support the development of the digital strategy as well as the design and the technical implementation, thus creating a shop solution that demonstrates once more the food expertise of Electrolux.

Electrolux Taste Galleries on an iPad
  • Unique brand experience in the digital space
  • Optimized shopping experience for best on-site conversion
  • Fast, secure and scalable Drupal Commerce solution

High Conversion Thanks to Lean Checkout Procedure

Whether searching for a cooking class, a consultation or a product presentation, thanks to a logical filter function, the user effortlessly navigates to the desired product. The streamlined checkout process creates a smooth shopping experience and thus contributes significantly to a high conversion rate. A tangible benefit for online shoppers and Electrolux alike.

Screenshot of a booking screen

Comprehensive Commerce Solution

The advanced shop solution based on Drupal Commerce is faster, safer and more scalable. Thus, in the future the Taste Gallery webshop can not only add new products, but also new functionalities such as the connection to an ERP system. Of course, the e-commerce solution already features all common features such as the management of discount codes or detailed sales reports.

Electrolux Taste Galleries on an iPhone
Electrolux Taste Galleries on an iPhone
Electrolux Taste Galleries on an iPhone
Electrolux mood picture