Digital Lexicon of Feathers

Those who roam the outdoors with open eyes will find feathers in a variety of shapes and colors. But you won't always know which bird they belong to. For those of you interested in ornithology we developed the Father Gallery App, a helpful tool for the identification of birds and their feathers. Creative watercolor paintings turn the app into an impressive work of art. A must-have for every nature enthusiast!

Feather app on a mobile device
  • More than 900 high-res feather images
  • Tips and information for birdwatchers
  • Comprehensive text search with filter options

From Conceptualization to Implementation

The major challenge at the very beginning of the project was to consolidate the wealth of information and image data from the public feather database in a concise, yet high-performing mobile app.

Mood picture Feather app

User Experience and Design

The clear and easy-to-navigate Android app is the result of an iterative wireframing and design process. The illustrations, which were executed in great detail, combined with the elaborate watercolor paintings make the Feather Gallery app a unique, artistic experience.

Feather App on an iPhone
Feather App on an iPhone
Feather App on an iPhone

Identifying Feathers Even in the Remotest Places

To spot a very special bird, ornithology enthusiasts will venture to places without mobile coverage. In order to enable the identification of birds and bird feathers nevertheless, we implemented the function "download data". Thus, the Feather Gallery app remains a faithful and useful companion even on more adventurous explorations.

Mood picture Feather app