Interactive Campaigns

As a traditional watchmaker with luxury boutiques and sophisticated customers all over the world, IWC decided to invest more in digital channels. We were given the opportunity to develop various interactive apps and mini games that have been used, commented on and shared for social media campaigns with over 1.7 million followers.

Campaign on an iPhone
  • Web applications in more than 14 languages
  • 1.7 million followers on Facebook
  • Average time spent increased by 340%

Playful Discoveries

Followers of IWC's very actively managed social media channels expect a lot of interactivity. Mini games developed by Gridonic, such as the IWC Memory, send watch enthusiasts on a virtual journey of discovery.

IWC campaign in a browser

Interactive Apps

Sophisticated apps match potential buyers with the perfect watch model based on their personal profile or provides them with further information on the manufacturing process. Thus we enable interested users to immerse themselves in the impressive world of IWC.

IWC winter campaign on an iPhone
IWC game on an iPhone
IWC puzzle on an iPhone