Problem Solved

Every mom and dad know that finding a suitable kindergarten or nursery is no easy task. That's why Gridonic developed a web platform that makes the search for the right childcare facility a breeze. With, parents can quickly and easily find out about nurseries in their vicinity, check availability, and browse reviews. You can even book your kid's kindergarten or nursery place online - "simply genius!" is what the Best of Swiss Web jury had to say about this project.

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  • More than 2,500 childcare facilities in the whole of Switzerland
  • Switzerland's leading platform
  • Joint venture by Bricks & Wide, Kitaclub and Gridonic
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More Than Just a Good Idea

A good product requires more than just a good idea. The real challenge lies in satisfying all customer needs in the simplest possible way. In the case of Kitaclub, it meant bringing parents and childcare facilities together with nothing more than a few clicks.

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Digital Branding

A platform like Kitaclub only unfolds its full strength when it is actively used by providers and customers alike. In order to speed up the adoption process, we have developed and implemented a sophisticated digital branding strategy that appeals in particular to new parents.

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Characteristic Design

The Kitaclub colours consists of a palette of five natural colours and the Kitaclub blue. These blend perfectly with the generously used illustrations and make the website appear friendly and positive.

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