Risk Profiling App: A Better Experience for Customers and Consultants

As an innovative asset management company, OLZ also wanted to break new ground when it comes to consulting. For this purpose, Gridonic developed a risk profiling web application and implemented it for the front end as well as back end. The app enables OLZ consultants to assemble tailor-made, risk-adjusted investment strategies and discuss them with the customer.

OLZ on a tablet
  • Digital transformation for Swiss SME
  • FINMA-conforming web application
  • Financial market intelligence in real time

Moving from Pen and Paper to iPad and Digital Signature

The digital transformation was a key topic in the design and development of the risk profiling application. The result is not simply a nice gadget for customer consultants, but a platform that can be expanded as needed, built on a solid technical foundation, which will have a significant impact on the digitalization of OLZ's business processes in the future.

OLZ on an iPad

User-driven Development

The risk profiling application was developed in close cooperation with the customer consultants of OLZ. Thus we ensured that all end-user requirements were integrated into the solution. This process was also successful in creating a high level of acceptance, already during the development process, with the consultants who had previously managed all of their customer appointments without any digital support.