Digital branding for an inspiring gift platform

The Generationen-Dialog Foundation of AXA insurance picked up the topic of gifting for the purpose of strengthening the exchange between generations. Our task was therefore to develop an authentic brand for the new Swiss gift platform for meaningful gifts. The result is Schenkzeit, a memorable brand whose lasting and inspiring personality can be convincingly conveyed on all channels.

Schenkzeit on an iPad
  • From digital branding to conversion optimization
  • E-commerce solution with a custom checkout process
  • Bounce rates below 30%
Schenkzeit on mobile

Fusion of shop and content

Schenkzeit is not just a webshop for meaningful and sustainable gift ideas. The platform also offers a wealth of interesting information and inspiration for people in their third stage of life in the form of editorial content. The clever combination of content and webshop not only leads to a rich and entertaining shopping experience but also to positive SEO effects.

Understand user behavior thanks to Insights

In order to continuously improve the user experience of Schenkzeit, detailed insights regarding user behaviour are necessary. Our comprehensive analytics setup allows an insightful interpretation of behavioral data such as scrolling depth, allowing Schenkzeit to quickly identify potential for optimization of the platform. The result is a fantastic user experience and satisfied customers.

Screenshot of Schenkzeit

Order placement without detours

A major challenge in the realization of the web shop was the checkout process that was tailored to the needs of Schenkzeit customers. The aim was to offer all the essential functions such as determining the delivery date or selecting the enclosed greeting card in the process, but to forego unnecessary queries so that the purchase could be made in a matter of seconds.

The Schenkzeit Logo
The Icons of Schenkzeit

A distinctive design

Tailored to the two central personas of the webshop, we created a coherent visual appearance characterized by emotionalizing illustrations, organic forms, and harmonious color combinations, which accompanies the user on his inspiring journey of discovering Schenkzeit.

Post cards from Schenkzeit
Chocolate in Schenkzeit branding

Social Media Campaigns

After the launch of Schenkzeit, the aim was to increase brand awareness and website traffic. For this purpose, we designed target group-oriented social media campaigns and prepared the necessary assets.