Maximum Flexibility

Schweizer Berghilfe is a foundation financed by donations with the aim of improving the basis of existence and living conditions in the Swiss mountain region. Together with the Berghilfe team, we have implemented a convincing platform that is on the one hand geared to the very heterogeneous target group of female donors and on the other hand offers applicants which seek help a fully digital solution. 

  • Flexibility thanks to a modular structure
  • Basis for digital transformation
  • Simple and easy userflow

Highest Usability

The new website is to meet the highest standards of usability. We have implemented a spacious designed menu, which facilitates secondary navigation. In addition, subtle micro-animations provide for a lively and playful interaction.

Modular Site Builder

Berghilfe publishes several dozen stories a year and expands the website content on a weekly basis. So it was our goal to offer the content editors of Berghilfe as much freedom as possible when creating content and configuring pages. For this reason, we have implemented a "Modular Site Builder", whereby all modules can be used and combined with each other as desired.

Process Digitalization

Potential project owners such as families or businesses in mountainous regions can now submit their application for financial support for their project via an intuitive online application form. The entire application process, i.e. the submission of the application, the review by Berghilfe staff, the assessment by external experts and finally the notification of the applicant, is now carried out online. The data will be synchronized with the CRM of Berghilfe.

Dynamic Online Donations

In addition to the usual year-round donations, very current projects in the form of so-called "monthly projects" are to be specifically staged in a crowdfund-like approach. The so-called "Sense of Urgency" will be played actively to encourage occasional donors to donate. The interactive donation meter is synchronized with the CRM and reflects the actual donation amount in real time.

Simple menu navigation

The menu, reduced to the essentials with clear messages, embedded search and simple navigation points, improves the experience and enables the user to find relevant content quickly and easily.