The web is our passion and it's also what we're really good at. We are a team of developers, strategists and designers who listen, enquire and engage. We create digital worlds for brands and companies that inspire. For more than ten years, universities, banks, real estate companies, watch manufacturers and publishing houses have relied on our expertise in digital transformation. 

Alexander Muischneek

Engineering Director, Partner

From an early age, Alex was fascinated by numbers and gadgets, which inspired him to study computer science at the University of Bern. He's our backend backbone and makes sure everything runs smoothly at Gridonic! A self-proclaimed gourmet, he spends a lot of time with his two sons and is a huge fan of Bern's football team Young Boys.

Christian Moser

Frontend Engineer

Whether it's a beer or a hike in the mountains, Chrigu likes it cosy and above all sociable. Powderdays in winter or surfing in the ocean is one of the biggest things for him. His superb flow is also transferred to the office. Thanks to his front-end skills, he can master any wave, no matter how big, with a lot of style. He learned his craft during his studies at the University of Applied Sciences for Electrical Engineering with a focus on computer science in Biel.

Dennis Schenk

UX Director, Partner

His fascination for the Internet dates back to when he first heard that iconic dial-up tone of an analog modem. Since then, his passion has been creating and developing websites and applications. That is probably why he also studied computer science, receiving his Master's from the University of Bern. He much enjoys traveling all over the world and adores to visit unusual, isolated places.

Dimitri Wittwer

UX Director, Partner

A passionate strategist, he explores user behavior with the same dedication as he goes on wine expeditions in Piedmont. He enjoys baking cheesecake, occasionally ends up in a boxing ring and survives on an (almost) pasta-only diet. He likes to be efficient, which is why the Vespa is his preferred mode of transport - 365 days a year, even in a snowstorm. Dimitri received his doctorate from the University of Bern and Columbia Business School New York.

Dominique Morel

Advisory Board

He prefers to deal with customers and anticipate market trends. He is passionate about marketing transformation and innovative marketing technologies. As a partner at BOLDT and former HarbourClub president, Dominique is happy when something new is created. He enjoys sailing close to the wind and spending time with friends and family on the lake or in the mountains. From his time as CMO and partner at KPMG, Dominique maintains an international network and combines strategic thinking with operational excellence.

Gaby Jenni

UX Strategist

If Gaby had to be described with a song line, it would probably be in the words of Alain Clark: “my feet are on the ground, my head is in the clouds.” Her head is buzzing with unshackled thoughts and ideas. With her pronounced sense of tidiness and structure, she masters the balancing act between her head and her feet. When exploring and evaluating new marketing technologies, her heart beats even faster.

Julien Fierz

Senior Software Engineer

Julien, who holds a Master's in Computer Science, has the talent to turn even the most unusual ideas into brilliant code. Whether video game or as an electronic ping pong referee - nothing is impossible for Julien. In the office he is admired for his programming skills as much as he is feared for his bad puns. Only on the floorball field is Julien's impact equally threatening.

Michelle Andrey

UI Engineer

Michelle is always at the forefront when good stamina is required. Whether it's on a long bike ride, hiking in the mountains, or implementing elaborate user experiences. As a UI Engineer, Michelle loves all things animated and brings designs to life at Gridonic. Thanks to studying Computer Science with a specialization in Design & Management, Michelle feels at home in the digital world.

Raphael Nussbaum

Visual Engineer

Already during his apprenticeship as a computer specialist, the areas of web and graphics fascinated him the most. Today, he works at Gridonic as a interaction engineer and combines these areas. In his free time, Raphael can usually be found in rehearsal with one of his bands or in the workshop, where he fixes old motorcycles. As a born-and-bred Bernese, he of course enjoys swimming in the river Aare.